About tickerbest

Who are we

Behind tickerbest is a small team of software developers and retail investors that long time ago came up with an idea to create a better, simpler and feature-richer stock market research platform. Unfortunately, at that time, too many things have kept us away from starting our own platform. This year, at last, somewhat thanks to the too well-known world crisis, we got stuck in our homes with enough time to spend on developing software for our almost forgotten idea.

What we do

With one word in mind - Simplicity, we tried to create a no-nonsense, easy to use, uncluttered by all the unneeded information, but at the same time powerful research platform, that gives investors a possibility to search for Wonderful Businesses as Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger put it, or to develop Stock Stories as Peter Lynch taught us. We tried to develop a broad offering of stock market research tools that will suit any investor needs, be it unexperienced or experienced.
Being a relatively young website, we are constantly working to improve our existing tools and also add new offerings to our portfolio.

Our Goal

We encourage individual thinking.
We believe that anybody has enough investing abilities and knowledge to grow money in the stock market.
We believe that you can make your own research and find great investment opportunities,
and we want tickerbest to assist you in your journey to financial independence.

Thank you for your trust in TickerBest
Dumitru Darii, founder of tickerbest.com