Exerseaza Tranzactionarea Criptomonedelor fara riscuri

What is Crypto Virtual Portfolio and how can it help me?

Crypto Virtual Portfolio is a tool that allows you to practice your investment skills by buying real cryptos but without risking any real money. You will have virtual 25000$ which you can use to create a virtual portfolio of crypto coins.

How to use Crypto Virtual Portfolio tool?

On your Dashboard you can find all the information about your current portfolio. From the topmost menu you can view all the information about your holdings, buy more coins or sell your current holdings.


From the Buy Form search for coins you would want to buy. After a cryptocurrency is selected the maximum amount you can buy with your remaining funds is automatically calculated.


Use the graphs to get a better feel of how your portfolio is performing or what coin are you most exposed to.


If you think the moment is appropriate, you can sell your coins to collect your gains, or you can sell to minimize your losses. It's up to you what you do, but this exercise will help you build confidence in your skills, which will be needed in the real market.

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