Creeaza o lista personala a companiilor preferate

What is Watchlist and how can it help me?

Watchlist is a tool that allows you to add companies that you are interested in to a personal list which you can easily follow. On your watchlist dashboard you can configure which pieces of information are important to you and it will display only what you select.
Also, you can add price alerts from your watchlist dashboard, and when the stock price hits the price you have chosen to alerted at an email will be sent to you, so you will never miss a good buy or sell opportunity.

How to use Stock Watchlist?

When you browse for companies, on their profile page you will find the button Add to watchlist. Pressing this button will add that specific company to your favorites, or watchlist and you will be able to find it quickly on your dashboard.

On the upper menu you can choose the information you want to be displayed for companies in your watchlist


You can set a price alert by pressing the corresponding button from the dashboard. A new pop-up menu will be displayed and in the input field you can enter the price you want to be notified at.

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